Smart Signal Booster™

Cel-Fi PRIME is a smart signal booster designed to improve indoor voice and data coverage
in up to two (2) bands for 3G/4G/LTE for small indoor spaces.


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70 – 100dB system gain

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Up to 1,200 ft2 (110 m2 ) of Coverage

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Unconditionally Network Safe

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Carrier Approved for 3G / 4G / LTE for Voice and Data

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Remote Monitoring and Management via Cel-Fi WAVE Platform

About Cel-Fi PRIME

  • Smart Signal Booster™
  • Simple installation
  • Clean and compact industrial design
  • Integrated antennas
  • Auto-configured & Self-Contained
  • LED User Interface (UI)
  • May also be used where 5GHz channel space is restricted (Cel-Fi PRIME does not utilize a wireless link between
    Network and Coverage Units)
  • Unlocked: Cell phones do not need to be registered with Cel-Fi PRIME to benefit
  • Peaceful coexistence with adjacent Cel-Fi systems
  • Remote software update capability
  • Support for Cel-Fi WAVE mobile & desktop applications
  • End-to-end cellular communication encryption without additional risk of vulnerability
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Supports voice and data services: WCDMA/HSPA+/LTE (FDD)
  • System gain up to 80dB using internal integrated Donor antenna in each supported band, simultaneously
  • Max EIRP for multiple carriers: 125dBm downlink and 24dBm uplink, per band*
  • Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) communication with smartphones
  • Peaceful coexistence with adjacent 80211 (24 GHz & 5 GHz), femtocell, and cellular devices
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) based on fast real-time echo-cancellation
  • Advanced digital echo-cancellation (>30dB) and channel select filtering algorithms
  • Cel-Fi actively manages the cellular link between the cell tower and user devices
  • Extremely linear RF front end
  • Adaptive signal equalization
  • Based on Nextivity’s 3rd-generation (ARES) chipset
  • The Cel-Fi design satisfies emerging regulatory requirements to improve performance and protect networks (FCC,
     ACME, Ofcom
  • Support for E-UTRA bands 1 (2100 MHz) & 3 (1800 MHz)
  • Cel-Fi simultaneously supports multiple channels with cellular bandwidths from 5 to 20 MHz
  • Electrically steerable antennas to combat pilot pollution and ensure the best possible donor signal
  • Total system relay bandwidth of 40 MHz
  • Support for 3GPP Rel 10 features
  • Seamless integration with the Macro networks
  • Provider specific booster: Cel-Fi PRIME boosts service only for the Operator PLMNIDs the device is authorized &
    configured for Secure and ciphered provisioning
  • Software-managed system intelligence prevents uplink system gain from exceeding path loss, eliminating unnecessary
    rise in base station noise level
  • Uplink Muting Mode automatically shuts down uplink cellular transmissions when no active user equipment is detected
  • System shuts down upon Operator’s network command or failure detection
  • Location Lock, which ensures the device is only being used in the location it was deployed to (software configuration option)
  • User/System Registration options available
  • Improve indoor cellular coverage!
  • Anyone can install the device. Simply attach to window frame or wall with mount (included) and plug in.
  • The unit can be displayed, or easily placed in the background
  • No external antenna mounting and cabling required
  • No setup or ongoing maintenance needed, nor reliance upon internet, GPS, or handsets to be configured on the system
  • Product Registration, Software Updates, and Engineering application support, with the Cel-Fi WAVE app
  • Simpler remote maintenance of devices in the field, with Cel-Fi WAVE cloud access
  • Any subscriber device from the configured Operator will benefit from improved coverage
  • All cellular communications remain encrypted and secure
  • Multiple systems can be deployed without concern for mutual interference
  • User Interface (UI) LED provides instant visual feedback for ease of setup
  • Clear and reliable voice connections within coverage area—up to 1,200 ft2
    (110 m2), more for open spaces
  • Real-time adapting capability ensures the best possible user experience, in actual user environments, which are
    constantly changing, with a variety of Wi-Fi types and cellular signals present
  • Bluetooth LE enables the system to communicate with smartphones and the Cel-Fi WAVE mobile app, improving the
    user experience and adding capability to the product
  • Ensures maximum gain—best coverage—at all times in ever changing RF environments, without user intervention
  • Subscriber devices transmit much less power and enjoy improvements in battery life
  • Linearity virtually eliminates Intermodulation Desense (IMD) issues
  • Maximizes signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio—provides better data rates without negatively impacting macro cells
  • Cel-Fi remains fully functional, even when there are other RF emitters present
  • Supports LTE and UMTS/WCDMA
  • Easily supports multiple band and frequency configurations on a cellular network with one device
  • Reduce returns, customer care calls, and provide the best product experience to users
  • Unlike wideband amplifiers, ensure the equipment capex benefits only your network—third-party macro cells are not boosted by Cel-Fi PRIME
  • Network operators can be assured Cel-Fi devices are being used as intended, with registration and location lock options
  • Completely network safe, doesn’t degrade macro capacity
  • Ultimate control of the devices in the field resides with the network operator
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 40°C
  • Storage temperature: -25° to 60°C
  • Relative humidity: 0% to 95%, noncondensing
  • RoHS II 2011/65/EU
  • WEEE (2002/96/EC)
  • ErP 2009/125/EC
  • 12 VDC via integrated power supply (included)
  • External supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 47 – 63Hz
  • Power consumption less than 15W*
  • EN 301 489-17, 23
  • EN 301 908-1, 11, 15
  • EN 300-328 
  • EN 62311
  • EN 62209-2 (SAR)
  • EN 60950-1:2006+A11/A12/A1/A2
  • 3GPP TS 25143 Rel10
  • 3GPP TS
  • 36143 Rel10
  • Bluetooth SIG

Note: Certifications are regional; not all products need or have the same certifications. Please check the specific modelnumber to determine exactly which certifications it has.

  • This product is covered by Nextivity, Inc., patents and patents pending. Designed by Nextivity, Inc., in San Diego,
    California, USA. Please refer to cel-fi.com for details.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.

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