DC Air Conditioning

DC Air Conditioning for telecom sites – battery compartment cooling – energy efficient capacity controlled DC air conditioning


Dantherm’s DC Air Conditioners are slim line true DC air conditioners for energy-efficient cooling in Telecom networks. 

  • No power loss in conversion
  • Inverter eliminated
  • Capacity-controlled operation
  • Monoblock and split units
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Very high performance
  • High-quality compressor
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • For off-grid and hybrid sites
  • Ideal for battery cooling

Features and Benefits

  • Energy efficient and reliable cooling system
  • Easy installation in indoor and outdoor cabinets
  • Protection for high and low voltage
  • Safe and burglar-proof design


  • Radio base stations / Telecom cabinets and shelters
  • Battery compartments and cabinets
  • Indoor and outdoor cabinets

Value Propositions


Telecom site uptime during power outage / intermittent power

Dantherm DC Air Conditioners are soft starting and avoid the typical start-up inrush current as seen by AC compressor drives. It is built to run on battery backup, thereby ensuring full site uptime and ensuring site income, also during power outage.

Optimal for PV or hybrid site cooling

The safety feature: low voltage disconnect prolongs battery life in case of low voltage from batteries and the Dantherm DC Air Conditioners are therefore highly suitable sites with battery back-up power and hybrid sites powered with renewable energy sources such as Photo Voltic – solar, wind, fuel cells or hydro.

Energy-efficient DC cooling

Because our DC Air Conditioners are capacity regulated, they only provide the exact amount of cooling needed. This means that they are much more efficient in use than traditional air conditioners, inverter based DC Air conditioners and even traditional DC Air Conditioners.

Cooling in challenging outdoor environments

The DC Air conditioner line is designed for cooling of equipment in challenging outdoor environments and consists of quality components to ensure the long service life demanded by leading Telecom companies – knowing that a telecom network is dependent on sites running 24-7-365 under any ambient conditions.

Designed for battery cooling compartments

The 450 version is designed especially for battery cooling with a set cooling point of 25°C, small and compact for easy installation.