Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell (RMFC)


H3 2500 / 5000

As a low maintenance power solution, the system is ideal for critical backup power, temporary or continuous 24/7 power – and operates in on- and off-grid applications.

  • 5 or 2.5 kW power output
  • World-leading efficiency of 45%
  • No preventive maintenance
  • Extended runtime operation
  • Simple installation and autonomous operation

Features and Benefits


Silent Operation

Silent operation without harmful emissions

Fuel Availability

Liquid and easily distributed and available fuel.

Compact Power System

Light and compact power system with small footprint



Efficiency above 40% and higher at optimal load

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring


Fast Repair & Service

Fast swappable solution for repair and service securing optimal uptime

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced preventive maintenance

High Power Density

High Power Density


Simple Installation & Operation

Simple installation and autonomous operation

Reformed methanol hybrid systems.

The Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell (RMFC) works in parallel with an external battery pack existing on-site or installed with the system. The embedded charge controller enables regulated DC power for different applications and battery types. The RMFC features catalytic startup enabling a minimum power consumption in standby and during the startup process.

Methanol fueled.

High temperature PEM with an integrated methanol reformer for on-site hydrogen generation enables high power density and high energy density. The fuel is a methanol water mix readily available through several global suppliers. The integration of fuel cell and reformer enables a highly energy efficient system due to reuse of waste heat from fuel cell in the reformation process.

Multiple applications.

The RMFC has multiple applications within three main segments: Stationary, Mobility and Marine. Stationary; backup and supplemental power for telecommunication and off-grid generator replacement. Mobility; Range extender for hybrid electric vehicle in high utilization scenarios. Marine; Auxiliary generators for larger vessels and propulsion for small ships.