Mesh WiFi Solution

Seamless, Super-fast Wi-Fi Everywhere

 Intelligent Wi-Fi that covers the Whole Home

Seamless, super-fast Wi-Fi, everywhere

Whole Home Wi-Fi from BT completes your home wi-fi experience. Enjoy seamless high-speed wi-fi all around your home, delivered from a supercharged network that automatically connects everyone to the fastest, strongest signal.

Intelligent Wi-Fi that covers the Whole Home


Move Freely

Get rid of those wi-fi dead spots and stay connected to the strongest signal as you move around your home.

No Limitations

Even with multiple devices connected you won’t lose speed. So stream, watch, share and download anywhere at home.


Easy to Set Up

Easy to set up straight out of the box. Our intelligent app will show you where to put the discs for the best connection.

Our Fastest wi-fi system.

Uninterrupted streaming for everyone in every room.


Pushes faster, stronger wi-fi to every corner of your home.

Multiple users

Everyone can watch, stream, game and download at the same time without buffering

Full App Controls

See who’s online, pause the internet and manage a guest network. Control and schedule access, user by user. Prioritise your devices and view data usage.

Available in

2 discs, 3 discs & add-on disc.

Works with all ISPs

Works with all Broadband Providers.