Optical Fiber Accessories

Patch Panels, Splice Trays & Enclosures, Splicing Kits.

Optical Fiber Patch Panels

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to accommodate all industry-standard adapter types.
  • Unique colour-coded connector labeling system
  • Universal approach is used; one panel size fits in all standard LANscape ® Solutions hardware
  • Available in 6-, 8- and 12-fibre count options in most ad-apter styles; 16- and 24-fibre count options available in MT-RJ and LC duplex styles.
  • Also available for copper modules 12-fibre ST ®Compatible Connector Panel, 12-fibre SC Duplex Panel,24-fibre MT-RJ Connector Panel; 36-, 72- and 144-fibre count options available only with MTP ® adapters.

CCHE Panel, LC duplex
24 fibres, single-mode (OS2), shuttered

The panels are used with field -installable connectors or in applications where the pre -connectorised cables are routed directly from the equipment to the piece of inter – connect hardware. This provides an efficient way to secu-rely mate two or more connectors.
Closet connector housing panels are offered in 6 -, 8 -, 12 -, 16 – and 24 -fibre panels for use with the LANscape ® solutions hardware products. The panels are used with field -installable connectors or in applications where the pre -connectorised cables are routed directly from the equipment to the inter -connect hardware. The panels are available with a variety of industry -standard adapter types. In most applications, the closet connector housing panels are designed for applications where specified labelling and connector identification are required. This is accomplished by the use of coloured icons with different symbols molded into the icon.

Splice Trays & Enclosures

Splice Closure Fiber (SCF), preloaded with splice trays

Corning Splice Closure (SCF) with Mechanical End Cap is designed for splicing fibers in aerial, duct and buried applications. These sealed canister closures are available in configurations that can accommodate from 72 to 576 single fiber splices, or from a 288- to 1296-fiber capacity if splicing ribbons.

Splice Tray, RTV Splices

Corning splice trays use proven designs and fiber organization technology to provide optimum physical protection for fusion and mechanical splicing methods. The trays are engineered for use with indoor or outdoor splice hardware with both loose tube and tight-buffered optical cable designs.

The metal-tray series consists of a rugged aluminum base and cover with crimpable metal tabs for buffer tube strain-relief. Additional strain-relief points are available for securing buffer tubes or pigtails to the trays using cable ties. The black powder coating allows easy fiber identification and additional protection. Designed for use with Corning interconnection hardware and splice closures, these splice trays are an integral part of a complete splicing system.

Many of our fiber optic hardware products are highly configurable.

Optical Fiber Splicing Kits

Sigh-Performance Installation Toolkits

Features and Benefits

Terminates single-mode and multimode fibers

Various installation options

Convenient carrying case

Minimizes setup and teardown time

Visual feedback signal (TKT-UNICAM-PFC)

Termination confirmation

UniCam® Connector Flat Cleaver (FBC-007)

Superior cleave performance